All About Skates

Where to Purchase Skates
Most department stores and sporting goods stores sell skating equipment ranging in price and quality. Do not purchase plastic skates. Skates must lace up and support the skaters ankles in an upright position. Another option is the Skating Boutique see link below.
When and Where to sharpen skates
Sharpen skates as soon as they are purchased. Re-sharpen skates after approximately 20-30 hours of skating and use a good skate sharpening company. see Useful Links section below for professional skate sharpening locations More frequent sharpening may be required if the skater walks on concrete, rubber or carpeted surfaces without guards, if the blades are not wiped dry, or if there are severe nicks and rough surfaces on the edges of the blade. The bottom pick should not be removed. The toe pick on the blades is essential for proper balance
Proper Skate Care
Always wear protective skate guards when walking off ice, even in arenas that have rubber floors. Dry the blades and sole plate completely with a cloth after each use this will reduce the amount of rust on your blades. Soft guards are best when travelling with skates in skate bags. Always remove guards before storing skates. Unlace skates sufficiently before removing them so that the back of the boot will not break down or rip. Allow boots to air dry after each use.

General Skating Information

Skating Glossary
Learn all about jumps and turns at

Skating Glossary

How Judging Works
The page below explains the judging process for STAR 1-4 and STAR 5 and above for those that are unsure on the process or are new to the sport.

How Judging Works

Useful Links

Skate Ontario
Jake's Figure Skate Sharpening.
Professional skate sharpening, repairs, accessories.
14 Essex Ave. Unit #28, Thornhill, ON, L3T 3Z1
Figure Skating Boutique
Skates, figure skating clothes, accessories, professional skate sharpening
109 Doncaster Avenue, Markham, ON, L3T 1L6