CANSKATE – Learn-to-Skate

  • For children who are at least 3 years old by December 31st in the year the season begins
  • Develops skating skills for hockey, ringette and figure skating
  • Includes 10 minutes of warm-up, 30-minute group lesson with a professional coach and help from our PAs (program assistants) & 5 minutes of cool down
  • Focus is on basic skating skills to complete Skate Canada CanSkate Badges 1 to 6
  • Skaters are evaluated on a day-to-day basis with report cards outlining their progress in December and March

CANSKATE – Intro to Figure Skating

  • Advanced CanSkate program for skaters interested in pursuing figure skating
  • Must have passed CanSkate Badge 3 or at coach’s discretion
  • Focus is on various skating elements, like spins, jumps, edges and turns to complete CanSkate badges 4 to 6
  • This is a two-day program that includes group lessons with the option to arrange a private lesson during the session, with a Club coach for an additional fee (billed directly to the parent by the coach)

Important Note for CanSkate Programs:

  • CSA-approved hockey helmets are mandatory for skaters through Badge 5 (other types of helmets are not permitted)
  • Single-bladed figure skates or hockey skates; laces are recommended for proper fit and ankle support
  • A parent/guardian MUST be present for the duration of all lessons.
  • Waterproof mittens/gloves, pants and jackets are recommended (no scarves).

STARSKATE Programs (Junior, Intermediate, Senior)

STARSkate = Skills, Tests, Achievement, Recognition

  • Offers development in fundamental figure skating skills in the areas of ice dance, skating skills, freeskate and artistic skating
  • Skaters are evaluated through Skate Canada’s nationally standardized testing system from Star 1 to 10 plus Gold in the various areas
  • Registration includes ice time only and requires parents to arrange group and/or private lessons with a Club coach (coaching fees are not included in registration fees)
  • A current listing of Club coaches can be found on our website
  • Junior – Passed CanSkate Stage 6 or at coach’s discretion.
  • Intermediate – Passed Star 2 Freeskate or at coach’s discretion.
  • Senior – Passed Star 4 or 5 Freeskate or at coach’s discretion.

Coaching: All STARSkate skaters require a coach. Please visit our Coaches page to see a list of our Club Coaches. Coaches are independent contractors, arrangements for coaching should be made directly with your coach. Coaching fees are separate from your registration fees and are typically billed monthly by the coaches.


We encourage families with a special needs child to reach out to us to learn what accommodations are available for their child. Several of our special needs skaters have participated in Skate Canada’s Special Olympics Program at the Regional, Provincial and National level and have been quite successful. We have a large group of coaches who are very dedicated to making sure that all of our skaters enjoy their skating experience. We have several coaches on staff who are trained Competitive Special Olympics Coaches. Our head Special Olympics coach has coached at a Regional, Provincial and National Level for Special Olympics Canada.

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